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PICO … A very special mountain…

Pico / Ilha do Pico Description
Pico, the most southerly island in the central group of the Azores, lies east of Faial and southwest of Sao Jorge, from which it is separated by the 18km/11mi wide Canal de Sao Jorge.


The rugged and mountainous island of Pico, 48km/30mi long and up to 15km/9mi wide, with an area​167sq.mi, rises at its western end to the prominent Pico Alto (2,351m/7,714ft), the highest peak not only in the Azores but in the whole of Portugal. The highest point in the eastern half of the island is the Pico Topo (1,633m/5,358ft).


Taste Portugal | 2011 English

First, the sea and the land. Salt and sun. Then, the olive presses, granaries, wine cellars and fumitories. Bound by a people, a Country. Every day, at dusk, Portugal and the Portuguese, celebrate at the dining table.
The Taste Portugal Programme has in its mission to show the Portuguese unique gastronomy to a globalised world. To invite people to sample the authentic flavours of reinvented delicacies. To educate the palate for wines that have acquired a complex simplicity.

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