A Greener Holiday In Portugal

Guest blogger Kirsty Brown is a professional travel writer for MyDestinationInfo.com.

Planning a summer trip to the Algarve in Portugal?

One greener place to stay is Quinta do Arão, an organic citrus farm.

Founded over 400 years ago by the Moors as a small orange grove, Quinta do Arão has evolved into a low-impact, green destination.

Committed to sustainable travel, Quinta do Arão supports alternative energy initiatives, the natural environment and local community.

Highlights of these farm stays include:

  • Self-catered apartments: These three apartments have renewable natural furnishings, rustic wooden fireplaces, private terraces and a shared swimming pool.
  • Beautiful scenery: Blossoming plants and ripe fruits include orange, lemon and olive groves.
  • Nature trails: The natural habitat and local wildlife make this a great location for birdwatching.
  • Algarve golf: Golf travelers can play at the area’s Palmares Golf course.
  • Horse riding: A short 5 minutes away, travelers can go horseback riding.
  • The Meia Praia beach: Only a 10 minute drive away, the beach is popular for scuba diving, kite surfing, wind surfing and sailing.
  • Colorful local market: The nearest town Lagos, only 15 minutes away, offers farmers market which sell fresh produce, honey and homemade liqueurs.
  • Local festivals: Traditional and local arts and crafts including hand-painted ceramics are showcased at local festivals.

Image: stock.xchng.com


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