Italy Google Maps Mashups

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Italy Google Maps Mashups!

I’m back with my second Italy Google Maps Roundup post (here is the first). I’ve listed these new mashups from Italy by multilingual and Italian language to help everyone discover those which are viewable in languages other than Italian. By the way, a new Google Maps themed blog has emerged that describes the Google Maps/Earth scene, in Italian. It’s over at


(Updated Mar.27/07): Roma – An example of the new Google Maps APU KML and GeoRSS features in action!
Google Maps Tour di Pisa – A simple little Google Maps walking tour of Pisa Italy! Presented in English language.

Google Maps + Italy24 – Hotels and destinations in Italy mapped. Languages: English, German or Italian. [via]
Casa Milano – Milan Real Estate Mashup. Languages: Spanish, French, English and Italian. Mapped! – Here is a great information source for Italy’s many parks. Languages: Spanish, French, English and Italian. Google Maps is used here and here (I can only seem to find Google Maps examples on the Italian language pages. [via]

Italian Language:

8000 Cities in Italy on Google Maps – each city features a description and demographic data. Users can add markers on the map.
xKasa Italy Real Estate Mashup – A new mashup for housing in Italy. Here is a screencast which acts as a tour of the website.
Mapple Rome Rentals Mashup – Apartments for sale and rent in Rome mapped on Google Maps. – See it, show it advertise it.

More Google Maps mashups from other countries here..



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